A. SC METAL CONCEPT LTD, headquartered in str. Bogdan Voyvoda nr 1,, city Ruse, code 7002 Bulgaria tel / fax +36508788823677 - Bulgaria email: office@ample-shop.com, metalconceptbg@gmail.com, comercial@steelpipes.ro, registered under import license no BGC205709438ZZZZ3 CUI 205709438 tax attribute BG IBAN account. BG79BGUS91601407245600 (Euro) opened at Bulgarian Armerican Credit Bank and represented by Luca Ioan hereinafter referred to as SUPPLIER

    B. Your Company Name:

    with headquarters in ,

    Conty/City: ,

    e-mail: ,

    Phone: ,

    Registered at the Trade Register ,

    having the unique registration ,

    account ,

    opened at ,

    represented by ,

    as , hereinafter referred to as BENEFICIARY,

    have agreed by mutual agreement to conclude this contract, under the following conditions:


    The object of this contract is the sale of advertising space by

    to the SUPPLIER in order to promote the image of the BENEFICIARY or his products, through the support of the site www.ample-shop.com


    This collaboration contract will have a duration of 1 calendar day, starting with the date of its signing by the contracting parties of this contract.

    This contract may be extended with the written agreement of both parties, any new conditions being the basis for concluding a new contract.


    For the practical materialization of the conditions expressly stipulated in this advertising contract, the contracting parties will have the following obligations:

    3.1.A. The commercial company, as a SUPPLIER of the advertising space, has the following main obligations:

    a) to provide for the Beneficiary the related virtual space for the entire duration of the contract, on the website www.ample-shop.com by the Supplier.

    b) The Beneficiary undertakes that all initiated transactions be completed on the website www.ample-shop.com

    c) The price displayed by the Beneficiary must be real and not be modified after a sale in order to avoid commissions www.ample-shop.com

    c) to allow the BENEFICIARY to post, weekly, news relevant to the public to which the support is addressed, possibly informative or advertising texts of maximum 650 characters, in a visible section of the support

    c) to insert, in a visible section in www.ample-shop.com a form with the role of generating credit applications, an application that will be completed on the website www.ample-shop.com (it will be automatically redirected to the application internal of the BENEFICIARY). The insertion of the form is done in HTML language, which implies the need to grant the BENEFICIARY access to the HTML script of the support or the implementation of the application by the SUPPLIER, in conditions of collaboration with the author of the BENEFICIARY's script. The copyright and use of the application belong entirely to the BENEFICIARY, the SUPPLIER offering only the support for its external implementation.

    3.1.B. BENEFICIARY has, according to this contract, the following main obligations:

    a) to make available to the supplier the advertising material that will be exhibited and disseminated in the online environment

    b) to comply with the norms and legislation in force regarding online advertising, regarding the message, graphics and content of the advertising material.

    c) to pay the price agreed with the supplier, in commission regime, on the date agreed in art. 4 of this contract.

    d) declares and ensures that the advertising material for which he buys the space is his property, is not the subject of any litigation and respects the copyright legislation.

    e) Both contracting parties undertake to refrain from any act, legal or economic fact likely to cause any harm of any kind to the other contracting party to this advertising contract, by which it is directly understood that the SUPPLIER does not will offer advertising space to another credit broker, competitor of the BENEFICIARY, during the contract.

    d) To maintain the strict confidentiality of the conditions agreed in this contract, as well as of the eventual economic contracts or the annexes born later from it, towards third parties, natural or legal.

    The beneficiary will offer a commission of

    Trading fees are calculated according to the category of product sold:
    Category Subcategory Comission
    Auto-moto, Parts and Accessories Tuning; Motorcycle parts and accessories; Auto parts; GPS and Accessories; Motorcycle equipment; Diagnosis and manual; Dismantled; Detectors and radio stations; Car accessories and consumables 6%
    Car multimedia 6.50%
    Tires and Wheels 5.50%
    Health and Care perfumery 6%
    Health; Women's cosmetics 6.50%
    Men's cosmetics 6%
    Hygiene and cleanliness 8%
    House & Garden Tools 5.50%
    All other categories 6.50%
    Laptop, Computers & Gadgets Laptop parts and components 6%
    Peripherals and Multimedia 4.50%
    Monitors 2.50%
    Laptop 3%
    Printers and Copiers 4%
    Gadget 4.50%
    Computers 3%
    PC components 4.50%
    Laptop accessories 6.50%
    TV, Electronics and Photo eBook Reader and accessories 5%
    Televisions 2.50%
    Surveillance systems; Receivers, antennas and TV accessories 4.50%
    Wiring 5.90%
    All other categories 4%
    Mobile Phones & Tablets Mobile phones and smartphones; tablets 3%
    Tablet parts; Phone parts 5.50%
    accessories 6%
    All other categories 5%
    Seamless pipe 5%
    Welded pipe  ERW 5%
    Welded pipeSSAW 5%
    Steel products Welded pipeLSAW 5%
    Flanges 5%
    fittings 5%
    All other categories 5%
    steel sheet 3%
    fertilizers 5%
    Agriculture Plant culture 5%
    Machines and tools 5%
    Feed additive 4%
    Range for weirs 4%
    Raising birds & animals Pig range 4%
    range for birds 4%
    dry bedding 4%
     food - for dogs 8%
    Pets Shop Food - for cats 8%
    All other categories 7%
    Wastewater treatment plants 4%
    Water filtration Water dispensers 8%
    Filters 8%
    installations 8%
    Business opportunities 5%

    for each sales application completed with the drawing of the credit by the respective client). In accordance with the attached commission schedule
    The Beneficiary pays to the Supplier the agreed price in the form of a commission, in invoiced value
    Payment will be made by Direct Debit through the stripe payment gateway based on invoices issued by the SUPPLIER.


    Unilateral modification of the clauses stipulated in this contract is strictly prohibited and void de facto. Any problems arising from the execution of this contract as well as any subsequent decisions taken by mutual agreement and freely consented, will become valid only after their signing by the two sides.

    All notifications between the parties will be sent in writing to the following addresses:

    Manufacturer: METAL CONCEPT

    Contact :


    Contact :

    This contract is valid until. and shall enter into force upon signature by the directors of the two Contracting Parties.
    Concluded today, the date of signing, in two original copies, one copy for each contracting party.

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