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Equlibrium Detox


Optimizes pH

Balances and improves the immune system

Eliminates different types of toxins

Equilibrium Detox is a high quality natural product that has the ability to neutralize and remove heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and other toxins from the body. Equilibrium Detox can respond to such a large number of challenges that the human body faces today. , by the action of zeolite, the main active substance of this product.

Equilibrium is a 100% natural product, having as raw material zeolite with a minimum clinoptilolite concentration of 85%. Enviro Naturals products are appreciated as high quality products due to the important processes that manage to transform Zeolite into a beneficial element: micronization, purification and thermal activation.

Micronization is the technological process by which zeolite particles are brought to dimensions from 1.25 to a maximum of 20 microns, over 70% of the amount having a size between 1.25-5 microns, thus increasing the specific surface required in the absorption process and cation exchange. The small size of zeolite particles has maximum efficiency through action at the cellular level.

Purification is the technological process that removes all impurities in the formation of crude zeolite.

Thermal activation is the technological process performed at high temperatures, which removes absolutely all substances from the reticular structure of clinoptilolite, substances that are normally found in the internal structure. Activated zeolite has a much higher absorption and cation exchange efficiency, thus having a maximum effect in the detoxification process of the body, by eliminating most harmful substances, among which we can list: toxins, heavy metals, harmful substances and radioactive substances.

Product properties

Equilibrium is a product that has as active substance zeolite with a clinoptilolite content of at least 85%, micronized at 1.25-20 microns, thermally activated at 300 degrees, being a safe product to be ingested, obtaining excellent results in treatments to reduce the effects of toxins. Equilibrium Detox is a product approved by US FDA SUB NO 13324820986.

Heavy metals cannot be metabolized by the body, cannot be processed by the liver and cannot be eliminated through perspiration. They remain in the cells of the human body or in the blood, causing long-term damage to internal organs, tissues or blood diseases. Even in very low concentrations, such substances can affect the quality of life.

How does it work?

Heat-activated and micronized zeolite particles are like negatively charged cages that attract and capture positively charged particles of heavy metals. This process, known in chemistry and as a cation exchange, results in the attraction of heavy metal particles or other toxic substances from tissues or blood and their elimination from the body along with charged zeolite particles, urine or feces.

Moreover, zeolite particles release calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium ions into the body, health benefits.

How fast is this process?

Equilibrium acts on the body over time, requiring treatments for 3-6 months. Through complex chemical processes at the cellular level, Equilibrium first removes from the body very aggressive elements for the body, such as heavy metals and then, in stages, are eliminated toxins from pesticides, herbicides or compounds that we find in plastics. The beneficial effects on the body can be felt after the first weeks of treatment through a better general condition, a revitalization of the body, more energy and even mental clarity.

Equilibrium, a product that can reduce radioactive effects.

Through its chemical structure, zeolite can capture, in addition to heavy metal compounds and radioactive compounds, such as strontium-90 (Sr90) and cesium-137 (Cs137). Information on the use of zeolite in the aftermath of the Chernobyl or Fukushima catastrophes to reduce the negative effects of radiation is also well known.

Equilibrium for normalizing acidity

Equilibrium maintains a balanced pH in the body by regulating the digestive system and as such is effective in combating intestinal disorders, gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis and other digestive disorders.

 Way of ussage

For detoxification prevention: 2 capsules a day, with a little water, at least half an hour before meals are recommended.
The recommended treatment period is a minimum of 3 months, a maximum of 6 months.
In all serious diseases, malignancies, daily doses are increased accordingly.
Even if the beneficial effects are obvious, breaks of at least one month between treatments with Equilibrum are recommended.

Symptoms such as muscle pain, migraines or mild dehydration are normal given the elimination of toxins from the body. Great care is taken in fluid intake during treatment with Equilibrium.
In any case, we recommend consulting a general practitioner if certain side effects are noticed. These may be due to completely different causes.
Equilibrum is not recommended for pregnant women.
Equilibrum is not recommended for people taking medicines containing lithium or platinum, substances that are found in medicines recommended especially in anti-cancer treatments or during chemotherapy procedures. Always seek the advice of a general practitioner or specialist in these cases.
The product is contraindicated in people who have had a large organ transplant because it stimulates the immune system and could lead to rejection of the transplant.
In case of cytostatic treatment, Equilibrium Detox can be administered at an interval of 3 days before and / or after it.


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